“Anyone who, as a kid, cherished the artwork of MAD magazine will be instantly and forever drawn to the clever cartooning of humorist illustrator Bucky Jones. With a few strokes of his pen and a dash of color, his work puts extra punch into every punch line, from books to greeting cards to magazine pages. Best of all, his humor is fit for the whole family, which makes him a perfect choice to illustrate your next line of children’s books.”
Robert D. Cunningham
Business Initiatives Manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


“Buck created a comic strip for a monthly electric co-op magazine I designed. At the very beginning, he created characters that could be used every month for decades. Then he took those characters and every month created a story about electricity. His work was always creative, and always delivered the message we asked him to illustrate. He always delivered on time and was always easy to get along with. His skill and technique are impeccable. I am a big fan, and after many years of working with him, I highly recommend him.”
Cindy Hemingway
Ames Tribune


“Bucky Jones is the funniest Illustrator I will ever know. He brings a sense of immediacy, silliness, and joy to every perfectly drawn cartoon he creates! He WRITES as he draws. He has an unlimited imagination. Beyond and above all that, Buck Jones is a Pro. In every sense of the word. Deadlines are met, or finished even earlier, work is miles and miles beyond what was required….and every time you work with Buck has you coming away happier than you were before. He is one of the absolute best Illustrators out there….a fact to which anyone who has ever worked with him will joyfully proclaim!”
Guy Gilchrist
Cartoonist and Writer for NANCY Comic Strip